Sunday, June 27, 2010

And we're back.

Hey, it's been a while. So life has been pretty crazy lately...umm, I pretty much just work and then come home and crash. On a more upbeat note, Brando's back! Hooray. So we've been partying, and the other night Jake threw a McDouble at my head I know right? I was laughing so hard. I wish I would have taken a picture of the evidence. haha Abby got married and it was fantastic! We got these lovely's there. After that little high school reunion, ps we don't even need to go to the real reunion now. haha We (myself, Katie and Kristen) decided that biking would be a lovely idea...being girls though it took some time to all get ready and so, by the time we were ready it was very dark not very safe we know. Lucky for us Katie's brother was there to save us, and with some dashing head lamps and night vision goggles it was time to ride. After further analization we realized this was very danger. So we sidewalk chalked in my backyard with them instead, it was so fun to lay in my backyard and just be random.

And here's my plug, I'm very grateful for the great friends I have. What would I do without the Katie's, Kristen's, Brady's, Brando's, Jake's and many others in my life? It would end up being a very boring life. So on that note life is good, or as my dear friend put it "Life is good, no that's an understatement life is amazing!" and so it is. It may get crazy sometimes, with working almost full time, going to school full time and trying to enjoy the "graduated" life. I'd be surprised to see how life could get any better unless it included certain people being in town more.

Get excited for future posts of the Oakley Rodeo, Glow in the Dark swim parties and 80s dancing...stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Words of a Song.

It's that one song on the radio or blazing through your stereo, the one that suddenly hits you, the one that means something. As of this moment the winner is Tara, I'm Terrible by The Rocket Summer. It's thinking about days past that weren't so good, then seeing the smile of your best friend or of that one boy or your good friend. For this reason I love Rocket Summer.

Tara, I'm Terrible

Reminisce, thinking about the days we don't miss
Hit the bottom when I fell, but oh well

And I could stay here stuck
Thinking about the days of bad luck
I'll get lost in your voice
It's an easy choice

And something in your smile
says everything's gonna be alright
Wasn't always this easy
It wasn't always like it was today
Wasn't always this easy
And I will get lost in this moment
This memory so sweet

What are your dreams?
Tell me what they are and I'll believe
An angel without wings
To the sweetest things

and all the songs we've sung
Listening to how far we've come
To secret stones we've sailed
But today prevailed

And something in your smile
says everything's gonna be alright
Wasn't always this easy
It wasn't always like it was today
Wasn't always this easy
And I will hold on to this moment
This memory so sweet

And Tara, I'm terrible
for telling the whole world
About how you're so terribly
tolerant of my crazy antics

You came

So here we go, I'm in the "blogging world" here's your chance to get a closer look into my life. Congrats. Well...I finally graduated! I graduated in Interior Design and Technical Sales. Right now I work at RnR Carpet Center, I sell flooring no big deal. haha I just went to American Idol too! It was soo awesome! My mom and me got to go we were on the 8th row! Every time the judges would go out during the commercial break they would walk right past us. It was fantastic.