Sunday, July 3, 2011

From this to That

Dear Followers that really do follow, (if there even are any)
 So...I've started a tumblr instead...hoping it will be faster and easier to load pictures and stuff. Because I'm going to take this to a new level. So go here...and hope it rocks your little (or big) world.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Burst of Creativity...

Dear Self,

I'm having a problem called I want to do too many I blame you.

To Do List:
1. Get a Silhouette SD
2. Make awesome shirts
3. Make awesome art
4. Take cute pictures of Elaina
5. Make cool stuff

Let's ROCK this.

*The list is really longer my mind is just blanking...of course.

And I miss these people...everybody's leaving...:(

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dear life, YOU'RE AWESOME!

This has been a long time coming...but life is great!!


And for some reason I don't really feel like blogging...lame I know. But know that life is great.

Here's a few gems from it.Me and Braeden went to see Thor.I got an IPHONE!! Woohoo.

This lovely thing is courtesy of Katie. Birthday party style...
And no better way to end than with this little cutie. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Growing, and the good kind.

So there are a few places and times in my life that I've felt really close to the spirit that I can really remember...EFY, in the temple, while getting father's blessings, in the bathroom at Women's Conference (weird one I know), testimony meetings, and most recently getting my patriarchal blessing.

As reflected lately in my blog posts and in my actual life...I don't know what I'm supposed to do with my life, things aren't going extremely well but things could be a lot worse. I've been thinking about getting my blessing for a really long time, but have always been really scared about it. I finally just went for it, knowing that I really could use the guidance that it has.Since I scheduled the appointment, the following has happened:
I got a second interview for a job that I really hope I get, I passed all my classes and am graduating, and things are just starting to look up.

I'm really grateful for the way things are starting to go, starting because I think things are going to get better.

That's the best part of all this I think, the feeling that even though things are super great right now...they're going to be.

p.s. It's totally May now...success!

Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.
------------ Boyd K. Packer--------------

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Today, thanks.

So I didn't write about this this is a post about yesterday's today.

Dear April 27, 2011,

Today I had a job interview, and got a second one. Today I mowed the lawn, which on its own isn't great but it was super nice outside making it good. Today I played with the cutest little girl ever. Today I found out my grades and totally rocked them, so guess who is ready to graduate. I am soooo grateful for this part of my day, this semester involved A LOT of prayer. And I'm grateful.

Today, for some reason I felt like you were going to be great...stuff is starting to work out. And I'm grateful. Just one or two things left to work out. But tomorrow please let me get the job. I need it bad. And I'm grateful. I need people to celebrate with.

You've been great,

p.s. I just read a book that Patriarchal Blessings are also for warnings, I didn't know that. Lightning bolt. I'm excited for Sunday. :)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Today started like any other day, I got up...finished a project, watched TV, and debated going to FHE...

I went, in a last ditch effort to make my day better, it worked. Tyler was there who is always hilarious! And Ethan, as well, pretty much everyone that went helped. It was awesome. Played volleyball with a beach ball and Tyler popped it, I thought that was going to be the highlight of my day...boy was I wrong.

Lately I've had that feeling, you know the one where you just feel like you need to cry all the time, nothing really has triggered it...though lately it feels like I have a lot to cry about. I just haven't found "a good enough reason to cry." So I haven't...

Then I started talking to Jordan, it all started with him just saying nice things:

let me shoot straight with ya, ok
you are stunningly gorgeous
you have this cool style too
its like, artist/indie/cool
you have an awesome sense of humor
throw yourself out there, just a lil bit more, and go from there
i promise you turn more heads than you realize

Which of course brought us to the subject of dating, and how that currently isn't going very well, well shouldn't really be associated with how it's going actually. And he just started saying everything that I have been thinking about for what seems like forever. About what I'm supposed to do next, where I want to be in my life...just the basics.

Then it happened, I just started crying...I guess I found a good enough reason.

I am sooo grateful for that feeling, knowing He's there and loves me. I've been looking for that feeling for a while, just that's it's going to be ok. I've been kind of a downer lately. On the outside I'm really good at hiding it, which always reminds me of this song I am in love with right now Tonight, Tonight:
I don't know if I'll make it, but watch how good I'll fake it.

Kind of a lame way to go through life, so from now on I'm on a mission to not have to fake it. I'm going to go for things, I'm going to be happy and not just the fake kind.

I'm soooo grateful for Jordan, saying all the stuff I needed to hear. He's awesome!!

p.s. He loves us!! Isn't it great.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Miracles. Or something like them.

Even MIRACLES take a little time.
*Fairy Godmother*

So this is what life feels like at this exact moment, there's a magnet on our fridge that has this quote. I guess I feel like things need to be moving in the "right" direction more patience here we go again. I know what I want it's just a matter of it happening now.

So here's to miracles, the ones I don't notice at first and the ones that are right in front of my nose.

p.s. Read Dallin H. Oaks talk it!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


..........................Can't live with 'em [sometimes],
Can't live without 'em...............................
What a dilemma.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Hi. I'm over here.

I can't sleep and so here we find ourselves...I have a million things to do tomorrow. I really need to sleep self.

Have you ever thought to yourself, while looking at the life's of others, if I would have kept dating that boy, if I would have kept that job, if I would have picked that degree, if I wouldn't have said that...basically if I could go back and change one thing where would I be now?

Life, in the current state it is now, isn't super great but isn't super awful either. And that's what leads me to this question constantly on my mind.

Would I be HAPPIER, would I be BETTER, who would I be...if I could turn back time. To be a tad cheesy.

It's that moment when you feel like you have no friends to talk to, you are sitting on the couch watching TV in the middle of the day, the moment something awesome happens and you can't think of who to tell...that's my life lately it seems, mostly by my own choice partly from outside influence (dumb school). There's moments of awesomeness, and times to
be grateful for all that I've been given mixed with a bunch of times of wondering what's next...where I need to go from here...who I'm going to be.

Now after all that stuff...I'm excited for stuff that's coming up starting tomorrow.

* Getting a haircut, a big one.
* Going to California to see my brother
whom I have missed much more than I thought I would. Woot! Apparently he's real buff now, I'll believe it when I see it :)
* Hopefully going to get a killer tan.
* Going to get a ton of studying done so I can rock all my classes.
* I'm going to find a job.
* I'm going to be successful

Here's to the new me...and not worrying about what might have been. We're living it baby.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Can I tell you a story? Ok, I'm going to anyway.

I am still looking for a's the worst. But let me tell you a story about how I am GRATEFUL for the current state that my life is in.

Lately I've been kind of a downer it doesn't seem like anything is going right, and I'd like if everything was going right...but I'd settle for just one thing going right. So that's the way I've been approaching prayer lately. I pray that just one thing can go right and that I can see all that I have to be grateful for.

So this last week I've been blasting out emails everyday almost in an effort to find a job, mostly I get replies back from the fake ones on Craigslist. Which is the worst. So I finally got one that I felt like had potential. It was for a company called Tru Talent Management, not my ideal choice of where I want to work but it would be good for now. The job I was going for was an office job like data entry and stuff. I went down for the first interview, nailed it and got a second interview.

In my defense I had done research on the company and I knew that a lot of people didn't like them, but from what I had gathered it was because the people that heard about them didn't understand what they do.

So I went down for the second interview and was really excited, basically I had a job either way data entry or "something else". I didn't know Quickbook, I didn't get the data entry job. So I go in this other room with Steve to do the "other job" they had open.

SCOUTING is the worst!!! They pair you up with someone, I was with this older lady that was pretty creepy and way weird. Let's just say the whole drive she had the visor mirror down and was looking at herself as I was driving. The goal was to get 30 people to give you their name and number so you could call them about acting or modeling.

I was out for FIVE hours, I talked to a lot of people and got....ZERO names!!! If you don't get 30 then you don't make any money. So finally the lady I went with asked if I wanted to go home...YES PLEASE! I still have blisters all over my feet because I was not wearing good shoes. I will never be a scout again.

So here's where the grateful part comes in, that day I felt super crappy to top it off I'm kind of in need of a job because I'm kind of running out of I got home and was back to praying I need a job, please help me to find the right one.

The next day I heard from a company I had emailed about a Roadshow they are doing Costco, I called him back and immediately got the job. Talk about a miracle, because the whole time I was dealing with this Tru Talent stuff I kept thinking that I needed to call Mikarose and get with them about a job.

So here I am with a temporary job that will give me enough money to last for a while. THANKFUL is what I am. You never really understand how nice it is to be able to have a job. And that's what not having a job has taught me I will be forever grateful when I find a job now, and I will be always thankful for that.

I had to work today which was kind of lame because I didn't get to go to church, but on the way they did the Sunday thought of the day was one of my favorite quotes and totally how I feel today and hopefully always --
Do we remember to give thanks for the blessings we receive? Sincerely giving thanks not only helps us recognize our blessings, but it also unlocks the doors of heaven and helps us feel God’s love. -Thomas S. Monson
yes I know I just said this one in my last post...

I hope that Tuesday is not a reflection of what my life is going to be like...but that I can actually follow what I need to do, so I can show my gratitude for everything I have been given.

P.S. Mustache Party is tuesday, it's going to rock.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


You can't be unhappy and GRATEFUL at the same time.
Now I just gotta remember that...

p.s. Do we remember to give thanks for the blessings we receive? - Monson He's one smart guy...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to the Real World...I guess.

So Hawaii = Awesome as per usual. would be better if a certain sister or a certain brother could have gone...maybe next year. Anyways, it was warm and wonderful got a nice tan and relaxation. Perfect.

Now to find a job...anyone, anyone? I need one super bad...but turns out I hate looking for a job. It's hard, and interviews make me so nervous. But I'm gonna find one.

Back to's getting scary, my one class hasn't really had assignments you just watch these videos and write an essay...I haven't read all the chapters yet. Test one. Saturday.

Welcome to the real world.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Step one...

Open the door.

Friday, January 14, 2011

And coming in a close second...

So as of late...the number one thing I've been working on is faith. Holy hard sometimes, no job, no boy, no motivation, and school. It's tough sometimes to have faith that something is going to work, that I'm going to find an awesome job to help pay for my awesome car, that that one boy is going to realize anything, being motivated to rock something, and school blek.

Luckily, I've had all those things before shouldn't be as hard right. Still working on that one.

And in a close second, I'm working on patience. (not by my own choice of course) I already know a whole lot about it. :)

So any day now...comes the LIGHT.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I should probably tell you something...

So...this whole Life of a College Grad thing may be a little deceiving. While I did technically graduate, as in walking and stuff, I still have a few classes to finish up before I can get that little piece of paper. So here I go, in an attempt to make things even more stressful, let's take those few classes. Wheff, now that that tricky part is over...on to happier things.

Well not really I guess, I still don't have a job. I haven't really been looking to hard though, so...I should probably do something about that, though my family is going to Hawaii in like 2 weeks then I'll look real hard all the time until I find one.

My brother is officially at Boot Camp for the Marines, holy weird. I have to say it's nice to not have a smelly basement anymore. haha I miss having him around which I didn't think would happen as much as it it's just me and my parents which is weird, not that Josh was home that much anyways.

New YEARS Eve, is it lame that I didn't want to go anywhere? But in an attempt to not be lame I went out anyways...I saw a lot more people I knew than I thought I would. But here's the problem, most my friends are guys (which is great, I love them) but that makes it a little difficult to meet boys when you're already with here's to me being braver, not on New Years really...but there was this one that his friend's left his number on a paper I text him? That's brave right? haha No, it's not really...oh I talked to boys at Ward Prayer, and ps Ward Prayer is basically glorified FHE, fun though.

So lately I've been really lazy, it's super dumb. But I feel like I'm stuck in this rut of nothing productive. But I'm working on it.

GUESS WHAT!? I don't have my patriarchal blessing...which isn't the good part but I got a recommend to get one!!!! WOOHOO. I'm super excited, I need one real bad and I really shouldn't have waited this long. And I renewed my temple let the spiritual-ness just flow. Woot.

Sam's back!!! I missed that girl! Hopefully good times will flow immediately.

My sister is having another baby too!! Woohoo. Hopefully it's another girl...or else poor Raul (I don't know how to spell it, but ask my sister to spell/say it for you)

Ok, that's all. Thanks.