Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Today, thanks.

So I didn't write about this this is a post about yesterday's today.

Dear April 27, 2011,

Today I had a job interview, and got a second one. Today I mowed the lawn, which on its own isn't great but it was super nice outside making it good. Today I played with the cutest little girl ever. Today I found out my grades and totally rocked them, so guess who is ready to graduate. I am soooo grateful for this part of my day, this semester involved A LOT of prayer. And I'm grateful.

Today, for some reason I felt like you were going to be great...stuff is starting to work out. And I'm grateful. Just one or two things left to work out. But tomorrow please let me get the job. I need it bad. And I'm grateful. I need people to celebrate with.

You've been great,

p.s. I just read a book that Patriarchal Blessings are also for warnings, I didn't know that. Lightning bolt. I'm excited for Sunday. :)

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