Monday, December 20, 2010

Turn Around

So I'm ready for that point in life where everything turns around and starts working again...I think it's starting. Some things are going well, so that's a start right?

In an effort to not be such a downer I've been trying to think of all the things I have to be grateful for, I mean "Our life's are blessed in countless ways." (Monson) So why not live it up. So starting now positive blogging will occur. I still haven't taken any pictures...Brady got some but frankly I haven't even seen those yet.

So TURN AROUND, I'm over here.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stressed. Overwhelmed. Worried. But I got this.

After winter comes summer.
After night comes dawn.
And after every storm,
there comes CLEAR OPEN SKIES.
***** Samuel Rutherford*****

There will be NOTHING that will destroy us.
*****Thomas S. Monson*****

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It'll be an adventure Charlie... about bored lately, I don't have a job which means the spice cabinet, the pantry, the corner cabinet, the basement and my room are generally clean. It also means that, I'm bored out of my mind, there's only so many things to clean before it gets lame.

It also means I had time to make a bedspread for my new bed, which looks awesome! (I tried to take pictures but it looks less awesome on here...) So maybe see it in real life.

Recent discovery I have taken zero pictures since Halloween, HALLOWEEN! What the flip is up with me lately, am I not having fun? Have I been on no adventures? This will end, hopefully when finals are over for certain people that I do stuff with that I haven't seen in forever. Dumb finals.

In a recent attempt to spice life up a bit, I have done nothing to help starting this minute (tomorrow) I'm going to have fun, be creative, and do stuff. So I don't become the boring person I am turning into, if somebody asks you what you did today and you say you organized the spice cabinet you've got bigger problems than super old spices from who knows when.

So in an effort to ditch the lame, something big is coming...when I know what it is I'll let you know, if you'd like to be involved, even better.

I need a project.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Well that wasn't part of the plan...

...the plan wasn't to lose my job a few months after I bought a new car.
...the plan wasn't to not have a plan if that ever happened.
...the plan wasn't to have it happen right before Christmas.
...the plan was to keep on keepin' on.
I feel very blessed my grandparents gave me money for Christmas which will pay for insurance and my car payment. So even though this wasn't the plan. This is going to work. It has to right?
Because no matter what happens in "my plan", his plan works. So here we go.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Can I just say that I love Relief Society now!? Holy awesome, shout out to teacher ever!

So today we talked about the Holy Ghost and it was just a bunch of stories people gave of times in their lives that they felt the spirit. I was asked to give one, well she asked me last week but I was thinking about it and most of the ones I remember are times I didn't listen...yikes, I know.

Dating, I know all you married folk time to zone out, is soo stressful and I think a lot of times we make it that way a lot more than it needs to be. Working on it ok. I feel like I'm doing a lot better at not being such a freak. haha So this isn't really a plug about dating now, mostly because I feel like I'm doing fine dating at the moment (not an announcement of anything), but looking back on past relationships obviously the ones that didn't work out I could have been so much more blessed if I followed the answer I "didn't want".

Let's just say I know the feeling you get when something isn't right, I remember getting that every time I was dating someone and it wasn't right. That's I guess what's heart, it wasn't what I wanted, it wasn't what I was praying for, and it wasn't the plan I had set out. And therein lies the problem, what's going to happen in my life isn't my plan I'm not in charges. Ah. haha So here's the feelings I got when it's not His plan in hopes that I'll do better at following-
Right when I got out of high school I started dating hardcore, one guy. It was awesome, he was super funny, fun, cool, and all the things that made life awesome. Things were going great, I was praying about it and never really got an answer that it was right I felt good about it, but I never felt like I got an answer that it was wrong. I went to Women's Conference with no objective but to feel the spirit, mission accomplished. It was so awesome. I was sitting in one session, she wasn't even talking about dating or anything, but I got the strongest feeling that it wasn't going to work. Of course, this wasn't the answer I was looking for or the answer I wanted. I went into the bathroom and prayed that feeling would go away. So I didn't listen...we kept dating, and just like the feeling I got and should have listened to we broke up. It was awful. But I'm so grateful that it didn't work out, I was nineteen for crying out loud. Frankly he married the next girl so congrats to them.
It's like that moment when someone is breaking up with you and you think to yourself this wasn't the plan, I'm supposed to be happy. Where's that guy? So after several failed attempts and what I thought I needed/wanted I'm not paying attention to what I want anymore I'm trying really hard to listen to what He wants.
Note to self: recently I was dating someone it was going well, then of course it got not as well, I really liked him we had so much fun. But I wasn't really being treated in a way that I loved. So I went with the answer I had been given not the answer I necessarily wanted to get, it wasn't right. It wasn't going to work, as much as I wanted it to, as much fun as we had, there's something better somewhere. I've never really broken up with someone, I don't like hurting peoples feelings, it's awful. But I knew the answer, and I knew the outcome might not be what I wanted it to be but it would be either now or a while down the road that this answer was what would happen. Man this doesn't make sense probably to anybody else but me.

So here goes nothing, following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. FOLLOWING. Not leading. It's going to work out. It's going to work out.

It's like when somebody tells you about something they may have done, and there's two reactions you could have: oh my gosh, steer clear of them or oh my gosh, you're not perfect either? Note to self: nobody's perfect. Join the club. But I'm trying really hard to come close? Welcome to life.

I feel like there should be pictures or an update of recent life in the following area, I don't have pictures the only ones I have is from the Nearly Naked Mile that are in Brady's possession. So here's a recap of the now:

Rocket Summer concert, I just have to say that his concerts are the best concerts I have been to in my entire life! I love this guy! He's so into the music. It's amazing. Me and Brando went and well I am very lucky I didn't lose my voice because it was an acoustic concert sing along style, awesome!

Me and Thomas my really good friend went ice skating, it was super fun to catch up! Ice skating hurts a lot more than I remember, and watch out for us in the next Olympics because we're soo good at it. Should have taken time.

So this friday they did this thing called the Nearly Naked Mile, it was interesting...haha. Some people should really just wear clothes all the time, it was funny Brady was taking pictures for senate...and well, it was the Nearly Naked Mile if you can imagine. Ben was partly in charge so we went as a fan base, number 1 fan here. I told him that we were going to make posters, but I got nervous. haha So we didn't...but I did make one last night and left it on his car which said the following: Congrats on your naked accomplishments! -Your number 1 fan. I guess I have a picture of that. Success.

Double or Nothing, so my friends started this band in 2004, they had a CD release party on saturday and it was amazing! Compare this CD to their first ones, holy improvement! haha. They had Matt's family all play violins with them, it was sooo cool! And also I got to see my long lost friend Cecilia!! I love that girl, we will be partying soon. Mark my words.

I think that's pretty much the update...Oh and Allison is coming to town! Best Thanksgiving ever! A party is in store, and frankly there will be pictures and fun and friends I never get to see. I love those girls!

So for now, key word is FOLLOWING. Oh and read The Traveler's Gift, it is amazing! Back to reading, thanks Lexie.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are we there yet?

So the plan was to go to bed...but I couldn't so here we are. Hi.

There seems to be a common thread in my life about what I'm supposed to learn right now, I know what you're thinking I thought she had everything mastered what could she possibly have to learn, not so. I have a lot to learn about life and other stuff. What's this times theme: Patience. I have to have a lot of patience in a lot of things right now it seems like, and it's not even things that know I need to have patience for, if that even makes sense.

If it was up to me that wouldn't be the lesson of the moment, I'm pretty patient already don't need to learn it anymore thanks. :) If I were going to choose it would about I don't even know, something fun like foosball. haha Anyway the point is, I'm becoming a very patient person and it's really hard a lot of the time, but on the upside (because there's always an upside right?) it's also making life a lot easier a majority of the time which is a big plus.

I'm also learning a lot about communication, turns out I kind of have sucked at it in the past. But don't you think life would be a lot easier if people just came out and said exactly what they were thinking? I think we make stuff harder than it needs to be aka work, relationships, mostly dating. haha If you just would talk to each other and knew what was going on the things that you don't like or are that are going crappy in your opinion could be solved. Let's face it sometimes things are just peachy, but a lot of times they could be if you knew the facts. It used to make me really sick to my stomach and give me a lot of anxiety but I'm working on it and it's going really well so far, I haven't even gotten sick. Win.

On a final note, I've thought a lot about life and I how I thought it would go. The things I at the time I thought I wanted, ps I would so be married by now and probably have some little children, thank goodness it wasn't up to me. Wow, that sounds really weird. But think about it you've dated someone and it feels just great and you think ok here we go, time for marriage. Sometimes it isn't right, you may want it but you don't need it. So here's to getting what you need, and working on the things you need to have. So in a few words, no we're not there yet. But we're on the right track...? Unless there was some road sign we missed along the way. (Don't worry there wasn't)

This is totally one of those posts that probably doesn't ever need to be welcome to my online journal, one day we'll look back at this and laugh.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holy updated blog Batman.

So I recently had a party...and ps I love having parties! I love getting together with a bunch of friends just doing whatever, and catching up. Oddly enough I really love when some of my friends don't know each other start talking, fun times.

The plan: everyone I haven't seen in ages gets together and carves pumpkins. Here's the results-

In no particular order (the order of the pumpkins): Katie, Wes and Ashley; Jake; Doug; Me; Ben; and Brando

Katie came!!!! I was sooo excited! I love this girl! BF for sure. So she thought it was a costume party...and she came in when we were playing Mafia, right when we had to close our eyes. Didn't like that, so I had to feel my way across the room with my eyes closed to get to her! Ps I love Katie!
These guys...they crack me up. Wes had to put the top on her head. She loved it obviously. Cutest kid ever.
Have you met these girls? Megan, love her. Cute little pregnant Megan. And Katie the pirate.What would life be without Brando? I have no idea...let's not test that one out.Me and Ben, or Ben and I to be proper. He's fun. :) Also he thinks he's sly putting his pumpkins in my pumpkin, not sly Ben, not sly.Oh yeah and it was Tim's birthday last I made him a cake, he loves the attention. haha

So here we go...a list of friends and why I miss them, and stuff we need to start back up people.

Katie: Umm, anything and everything. Rollerblading, bike rides, hour walks to get blisters, running to Peak, Subway. I don't think I need to continue, let's do stuff.
Brando: Cheesecake runs, talks about life, concerts, rocking out to music in the car. Cheesecake please?
Brady: I see you sometimes, but pictures of great stuff, In n Out, Walmart runs for nothing leaving with way to much, Barnes and Noble. We need to steer clear of that one. But let's party.
Cecilia: Random movies, chalk murals, homemade birthday cakes, awesomeness. Move back to Ogden?
Scott: cheese and sparkling cider, cool pictures, deers, . Get out of Idaho. Thanks.
Doug: vest night. I have no other words.
Jake: Mix CDs, fun times, institute dances.
Justin: Moulin Rouge, chick flicks with a ton of girls and just you, Van cakes, etc.
Sam: all of the above and more. Get back here.
Thomas: Office, hikes, talking, How to Train Your Dragon. How are people going to talk about all the fun stuff we do if we're all talk?
Devin, Ben, Dan, Tate, Fowler boys: Umm, the Fowler house parties. Sigh.
I know there are way more people that I'm missing, and it's not because I don't love you it's because it's been so long that my mind is blanking. But add yourself to the list and insert something great we've done. And how about we rock it again? Thanks dudes.

So recently, right now, I've been reminded about all the fun things I've been able to do in my life...and frankly, I don't know why I don't do more of those things now. What happened to me? Am I an adult now that only works all the time? Yuck. College was so fun, we did fun stuff all the time. Here's the plan, I'm going to start to do those things again if you want in on that action...sign this sheet, we're having fun and taking names.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Note to self. Life is good.

I love conference!!! So here are some highlights about why I liked it so much...enjoy, or not, whatever. :)

So first of all I loved Monson's talk in priesthood...I know I'm not a boy, but my friend was telling me about it and I had to read it of course. The Three R's of choice: I like how he talked about from the very beginning Satan was trying to take away our agency, because he didn't believe in us. Well take that Satan you're not going to win. He also quoted the movie Alice in Wonderland the Cheshire cat said after Alice said she didn't know where she wanted to go: It doesn't matter much which path you choose then. We do know where we want to go, and I also really liked how he said we all have the tools to make right choices. I think a lot of times there are really hard choices, sometimes they won't be the choices we would make for ourselves I think that's what makes this life hard. If it were up to me I'd be like ok, I choose him or this or that and it's not going to end up the way that it could have. So I'm grateful for the opportunity to do things the Lord's way so that I can enjoy all the blessings he has ready for me.

Another one of my favorite talks was by Eyring, Trust in the Lord Then Go and Do. My absolute favorite quote from this one was: "then we will be overwhelmed with gratitude when we realize that he has come to trust us." We always hear about trusting the Lord, but not much about him trusting us. I'm super excited about this one and the opportunity that we can gain Heavenly Father's trust.

Which leads me to my next thought...Bednar came to Weber it was so awesome. So here's some nuggets from that. He talked about his life and how he was never planning on being an apostle or having all the opportunities he was been able to have, but through God's love he was able to have them. I think some of his words were I was just trying to be a good boy. That's soo awesome to think about, with Eyring's the Lord trusting us stuff, that if we're living in a way that is in line with what God would want us to do, we're going to have the trust of the Lord and we're going to be guided with what to do, and where we need to be we'll be there.

The next thing he talked about was getting rid of our list, you all know the one we made in Mia Maids and priesthood, all the things we want in a husband or wife. Which may at first sound awful, but I love this idea. We're all caught up in what we want out of someone else, nobody ever makes a list of all the things they want to be. We read the scripture in D&C 88:40 about intelligence cleaving to intelligence, we need to become the kind of person we want to marry.

So here's the new list: love's God, reads the scriptures, follows the prophet, goes to church, goes to the temple, respects people, prays daily, is ready to follow answers to prayer...that's it for now I'm sure there are more.

He also talked about the kind of revelation there is: the light switch, instant revelation; sunrise, you know the exact moment that it came; cloudy day, you don't know when but the light is there. I love this, most of the time I feel like mine is the cloudy day one. I don't know when I figured out what I need to do, but I can see the light and know.

This is a really gospel based post I guess, but I'm ok with that. :)

As far as life goes, it's pretty good...I'm working on some stuff, as seen in the list. I'm trying to live in a way that I'll know what ever happens, if I'm living in a way I need to, it's going to work. I just wish it would work sooner rather than later. haha I'm learning all sorts of things about patience. I'm also learning about telling people what I'm thinking, and not holding back, not sure if that's a good thing but it makes life a whole lot easier so far.

I really need to take more pictures...I'll work on that. Peace.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I don't know if this will work, but this isn't working.

Have you ever noticed that life always gets super complicated about things all at the same time? Weird how that works eh. And I think I've figured out the way to get it not complicated for a bit. Ok, so I've been wanting to do something crazy...learn something new...create something great. So drum roll please...*whatever the word equivalent of that sound would be*

I got a sewing machine!!! Hooray. So here's to making stuff, and having fun, and being super cool. haha

Also in recent news, I've been thinking about something called...I hate not knowing what to do/questioning everything you do/regretting things you do. I feel like if you're living the way you're supposed to and you're doing everything you can to be influenced by the spirit, you're going to be. I don't want to always wonder what I should have done, I want to feel like I'm doing what I should have done. So here's to that making good choices, and not being worried about what I'm doing if I already know what I need to do. Which is the plan always.

Sidenote, I love General Conference! It is the best thing ever!

Also another best thing ever, look at that little face - cutest baby ever I know.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Living to the Beat of a Song

So recently, well pretty much my whole life, but especially recently, I've noticed that when you listen to music even if it's one you have known forever it hits you different depending on where you are in your here it goes, lately I have not really known what to do with my life now like not some midlife crisis or something but I'm done with school I work pretty much all the time within reason and it's to the point of what do I do now?

Here's where music comes in:

So I will never know the right way to say thanks
for all the nights and days you spent hanging out
Cause that's what this is about

How I, I am not into the idea of living without you
And I, I am not into the idea of being without you
And no, this won't be a sad song.
Around the Clock, Rocket Summer
* So have you ever thought about the last time you ever saw someone, before it was "over". I've come to the conclusion that I don't like that part...the whole goodbye, it doesn't have to be goodbye but that's what it turns into. Which brings us to the next one...

Hey what you got you don't know
Anything that I'm gonna say right now
Cuz I'm not so sure why I'm here and why I wanna
Keep on hanging 'round right now
Not that I do it now or any day
Sometimes I just get burned out
About lots of things and well just doubt

So tell me something good you got it and
Why am I so misunderstood cuz I wanna know this
Cuz I'm confused and do I break into two
So tell me how about you
Tell me Something Good, Rocket Summer
* It's that moment you don't know what to say, or what to do. You know what you want to happen but you don't know how to get there, all you need is to know something good. That one is confusing but I know what I'm talking about? haha

So all of a sudden I'm wondering if any of this is computing, so we're going to go in another direction perhaps hold onto your hats.

Here's some pictures to help bridge the gap, enjoy. :)

One of the only pictures of Me and Lane...maybe we should change that.

Ashy and Me wheelin.

Me and my buddy Brando rockin at a concert, as per usual.

So maybe there's two pictures in existence...

Ok, so...I don't know what else to say. Oh I just read the Hunger Games series, best books ever! Well maybe not ever there's lots of good ones, but SUPER good.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Count Your Blessings

Do you ever have a moment in your life where you think to yourself, "I'm so blessed"? Well, here it goes...I AM SOOOO BLESSED! Life is fantastic!

To start it off I put my car up for sale (scary I know) I did that Friday afternoon, got a call about an hour later, they said "If we meet you in Bountiful and like it do you have a way back?" and I thought to myself "oh you guys, you haven't even seen it yet, but I can figure something out". Saturday they came and saw it, and I guess they liked what they saw because they bought it!! So there in the Kmart parking lot I handed over the keys to Juniper my trusty car and it was done.

Holy crap I sold my car in one day! Who does that? It must have been a blessing, I sold it and drove with my Dad to the Mazda dealership, which was conveniently around the corner where the car I really wanted was. And I kinda bought a car! It hasn't even sunk in yet, but it is sooo stinkin' cute! I love it. I got a Mazda 2, never heard of it? That's because it's brand spankin new. It's crazy how life goes sometimes, I couldn't sleep the night before thinking to myself "what if I sell my car tomorrow?", it felt like a stretch to say the least. But here it is in all it's glory, try not to be jealous. haha
I mean this car has only been in Utah for like a week, and it's kinda in my driveway. Maybe I should go check to make sure it's still there. haha

If any reading this are under the impression that this is some silly plug about how I got a car and that's why I'm blessed you are mistaken, how quickly it happened seems like a pretty big blessing to me but that's not the only thing I have to be thankful for. When I was thinking about my life earlier today while sitting in church, I thought to myself I should write about this and should call it Count Your Blessing...what song did we sing in sacrament after that? Count Your Blessings. I feel like somebody's trying to tell me that I should be thankful for all the stuff I have maybe.

So here we go a small list of some of the things I know about that I have to be grateful for, obviously it's not a complete list because really what don't I have to be grateful for.

1. The gospel: I don't know where I would be without it, but I know wherever that would be wouldn't be as great without the knowledge I have of it.
2. The Holy Ghost and Personal Revelation: I don't know how people can not believe in personal revelation, he didn't leave the people of bible times why would he leave us now? If he's the same yesterday, today and forever. Anyways that has been on my mind a lot lately...
3. Family: They do so much for me that sometimes I forget how grateful I need to be for them. So here's to remembering all they do.
4. Friends: Holy cow I have some good ones! I don't know what I would do without them, I'm working on trying to be the best friend ever and making more friends. I'm kind of a fan of the good ones. Thanks guys.
5. Opportunities: This one may sound a little strange, but I'm grateful for opportunities to grow even if at the time they seem lame.
6. A job: I have a job! Hooray! With all the people that are looking for jobs out there, I'm glad I have one and for the one I do have that is so awesome with all the people I work with.
7. Church callings: I don't know about you guys but I've never really had a calling I didn't like, I mean I've had some that are a little more demanding than others but generally they're really fun.
8. Home: I'm grateful I have a place to go home to when things may get crazy.
9. Prayer: I love prayer! It's so great, you get to talk to God how cool is that? Now the trick is knowing what to pray for.
10. Education: Ok so sometimes I hated school, but I'm grateful that I had the opportunity (there's the opportunity again) to go and learn cool stuff.
11. Relief Society: I will admit I'm not the biggest fan ever of Relief Society I think some of the stuff we do is a little silly, but my calling is helping me work on that. :) I love the lessons we have in Relief Society! They are soo awesome! Lexie is one of my faves, don't tell anyone. haha
12. Fun times: This one may sound a little lame, but I'm grateful for the times I can just have fun and not worry about stuff.
13. Scriptures: I don't know how I didn't get to this one earlier. I'm sooo grateful for the scriptures! You can open them up and just learn more about Christ.
14. The Atonement: I'm so far from perfect, but I'm grateful for the fact that I don't have to be because of what Heavenly Father did for me.
15. Seeing God: Another potentially weird one, there's a scripture that says "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God". I'm glad that if I live the way I'm supposed to I can in this life see God. Who wouldn't want to?
16. Temples: I love sitting in the temple and just soaking it all in. It's the closest you can get to God it's like everything else slips away. And you get to be with your family FOREVER! I don't know why you wouldn't want to believe in that.
17. Talents: I'm grateful for the talents I may have, I'm not going to list them don't worry I'm not crazy. haha
18. The Prophet: I love that man! The opportunity to hear him and the apostles speak about stuff the Lord wants us to know is incredible.
19. Music: I can't imagine life without music, it'd be a lot more boring world to live in.
20. Life: I'm not saying life isn't hard, but I think we knew before we signed up for this that it wasn't going to be easy. It's a struggle sometimes, lucky for us it's going to be totally worth it in the end.

There you go a small list of some of the things I'm grateful for, enjoy. :) I have a quote from President Benson I think it was that says: I remember hearing in a talk once that the more we express are gratitude, more will come to our remembrance of what we have to be grateful for.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

And we're back.

Hey, it's been a while. So life has been pretty crazy lately...umm, I pretty much just work and then come home and crash. On a more upbeat note, Brando's back! Hooray. So we've been partying, and the other night Jake threw a McDouble at my head I know right? I was laughing so hard. I wish I would have taken a picture of the evidence. haha Abby got married and it was fantastic! We got these lovely's there. After that little high school reunion, ps we don't even need to go to the real reunion now. haha We (myself, Katie and Kristen) decided that biking would be a lovely idea...being girls though it took some time to all get ready and so, by the time we were ready it was very dark not very safe we know. Lucky for us Katie's brother was there to save us, and with some dashing head lamps and night vision goggles it was time to ride. After further analization we realized this was very danger. So we sidewalk chalked in my backyard with them instead, it was so fun to lay in my backyard and just be random.

And here's my plug, I'm very grateful for the great friends I have. What would I do without the Katie's, Kristen's, Brady's, Brando's, Jake's and many others in my life? It would end up being a very boring life. So on that note life is good, or as my dear friend put it "Life is good, no that's an understatement life is amazing!" and so it is. It may get crazy sometimes, with working almost full time, going to school full time and trying to enjoy the "graduated" life. I'd be surprised to see how life could get any better unless it included certain people being in town more.

Get excited for future posts of the Oakley Rodeo, Glow in the Dark swim parties and 80s dancing...stay tuned.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Words of a Song.

It's that one song on the radio or blazing through your stereo, the one that suddenly hits you, the one that means something. As of this moment the winner is Tara, I'm Terrible by The Rocket Summer. It's thinking about days past that weren't so good, then seeing the smile of your best friend or of that one boy or your good friend. For this reason I love Rocket Summer.

Tara, I'm Terrible

Reminisce, thinking about the days we don't miss
Hit the bottom when I fell, but oh well

And I could stay here stuck
Thinking about the days of bad luck
I'll get lost in your voice
It's an easy choice

And something in your smile
says everything's gonna be alright
Wasn't always this easy
It wasn't always like it was today
Wasn't always this easy
And I will get lost in this moment
This memory so sweet

What are your dreams?
Tell me what they are and I'll believe
An angel without wings
To the sweetest things

and all the songs we've sung
Listening to how far we've come
To secret stones we've sailed
But today prevailed

And something in your smile
says everything's gonna be alright
Wasn't always this easy
It wasn't always like it was today
Wasn't always this easy
And I will hold on to this moment
This memory so sweet

And Tara, I'm terrible
for telling the whole world
About how you're so terribly
tolerant of my crazy antics

You came

So here we go, I'm in the "blogging world" here's your chance to get a closer look into my life. Congrats. Well...I finally graduated! I graduated in Interior Design and Technical Sales. Right now I work at RnR Carpet Center, I sell flooring no big deal. haha I just went to American Idol too! It was soo awesome! My mom and me got to go we were on the 8th row! Every time the judges would go out during the commercial break they would walk right past us. It was fantastic.