Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are we there yet?

So the plan was to go to bed...but I couldn't so here we are. Hi.

There seems to be a common thread in my life about what I'm supposed to learn right now, I know what you're thinking I thought she had everything mastered what could she possibly have to learn, not so. I have a lot to learn about life and other stuff. What's this times theme: Patience. I have to have a lot of patience in a lot of things right now it seems like, and it's not even things that know I need to have patience for, if that even makes sense.

If it was up to me that wouldn't be the lesson of the moment, I'm pretty patient already don't need to learn it anymore thanks. :) If I were going to choose it would about I don't even know, something fun like foosball. haha Anyway the point is, I'm becoming a very patient person and it's really hard a lot of the time, but on the upside (because there's always an upside right?) it's also making life a lot easier a majority of the time which is a big plus.

I'm also learning a lot about communication, turns out I kind of have sucked at it in the past. But don't you think life would be a lot easier if people just came out and said exactly what they were thinking? I think we make stuff harder than it needs to be aka work, relationships, mostly dating. haha If you just would talk to each other and knew what was going on the things that you don't like or are that are going crappy in your opinion could be solved. Let's face it sometimes things are just peachy, but a lot of times they could be if you knew the facts. It used to make me really sick to my stomach and give me a lot of anxiety but I'm working on it and it's going really well so far, I haven't even gotten sick. Win.

On a final note, I've thought a lot about life and I how I thought it would go. The things I at the time I thought I wanted, ps I would so be married by now and probably have some little children, thank goodness it wasn't up to me. Wow, that sounds really weird. But think about it you've dated someone and it feels just great and you think ok here we go, time for marriage. Sometimes it isn't right, you may want it but you don't need it. So here's to getting what you need, and working on the things you need to have. So in a few words, no we're not there yet. But we're on the right track...? Unless there was some road sign we missed along the way. (Don't worry there wasn't)

This is totally one of those posts that probably doesn't ever need to be welcome to my online journal, one day we'll look back at this and laugh.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Holy updated blog Batman.

So I recently had a party...and ps I love having parties! I love getting together with a bunch of friends just doing whatever, and catching up. Oddly enough I really love when some of my friends don't know each other start talking, fun times.

The plan: everyone I haven't seen in ages gets together and carves pumpkins. Here's the results-

In no particular order (the order of the pumpkins): Katie, Wes and Ashley; Jake; Doug; Me; Ben; and Brando

Katie came!!!! I was sooo excited! I love this girl! BF for sure. So she thought it was a costume party...and she came in when we were playing Mafia, right when we had to close our eyes. Didn't like that, so I had to feel my way across the room with my eyes closed to get to her! Ps I love Katie!
These guys...they crack me up. Wes had to put the top on her head. She loved it obviously. Cutest kid ever.
Have you met these girls? Megan, love her. Cute little pregnant Megan. And Katie the pirate.What would life be without Brando? I have no idea...let's not test that one out.Me and Ben, or Ben and I to be proper. He's fun. :) Also he thinks he's sly putting his pumpkins in my pumpkin, not sly Ben, not sly.Oh yeah and it was Tim's birthday last I made him a cake, he loves the attention. haha

So here we go...a list of friends and why I miss them, and stuff we need to start back up people.

Katie: Umm, anything and everything. Rollerblading, bike rides, hour walks to get blisters, running to Peak, Subway. I don't think I need to continue, let's do stuff.
Brando: Cheesecake runs, talks about life, concerts, rocking out to music in the car. Cheesecake please?
Brady: I see you sometimes, but pictures of great stuff, In n Out, Walmart runs for nothing leaving with way to much, Barnes and Noble. We need to steer clear of that one. But let's party.
Cecilia: Random movies, chalk murals, homemade birthday cakes, awesomeness. Move back to Ogden?
Scott: cheese and sparkling cider, cool pictures, deers, . Get out of Idaho. Thanks.
Doug: vest night. I have no other words.
Jake: Mix CDs, fun times, institute dances.
Justin: Moulin Rouge, chick flicks with a ton of girls and just you, Van cakes, etc.
Sam: all of the above and more. Get back here.
Thomas: Office, hikes, talking, How to Train Your Dragon. How are people going to talk about all the fun stuff we do if we're all talk?
Devin, Ben, Dan, Tate, Fowler boys: Umm, the Fowler house parties. Sigh.
I know there are way more people that I'm missing, and it's not because I don't love you it's because it's been so long that my mind is blanking. But add yourself to the list and insert something great we've done. And how about we rock it again? Thanks dudes.

So recently, right now, I've been reminded about all the fun things I've been able to do in my life...and frankly, I don't know why I don't do more of those things now. What happened to me? Am I an adult now that only works all the time? Yuck. College was so fun, we did fun stuff all the time. Here's the plan, I'm going to start to do those things again if you want in on that action...sign this sheet, we're having fun and taking names.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Note to self. Life is good.

I love conference!!! So here are some highlights about why I liked it so much...enjoy, or not, whatever. :)

So first of all I loved Monson's talk in priesthood...I know I'm not a boy, but my friend was telling me about it and I had to read it of course. The Three R's of choice: I like how he talked about from the very beginning Satan was trying to take away our agency, because he didn't believe in us. Well take that Satan you're not going to win. He also quoted the movie Alice in Wonderland the Cheshire cat said after Alice said she didn't know where she wanted to go: It doesn't matter much which path you choose then. We do know where we want to go, and I also really liked how he said we all have the tools to make right choices. I think a lot of times there are really hard choices, sometimes they won't be the choices we would make for ourselves I think that's what makes this life hard. If it were up to me I'd be like ok, I choose him or this or that and it's not going to end up the way that it could have. So I'm grateful for the opportunity to do things the Lord's way so that I can enjoy all the blessings he has ready for me.

Another one of my favorite talks was by Eyring, Trust in the Lord Then Go and Do. My absolute favorite quote from this one was: "then we will be overwhelmed with gratitude when we realize that he has come to trust us." We always hear about trusting the Lord, but not much about him trusting us. I'm super excited about this one and the opportunity that we can gain Heavenly Father's trust.

Which leads me to my next thought...Bednar came to Weber it was so awesome. So here's some nuggets from that. He talked about his life and how he was never planning on being an apostle or having all the opportunities he was been able to have, but through God's love he was able to have them. I think some of his words were I was just trying to be a good boy. That's soo awesome to think about, with Eyring's the Lord trusting us stuff, that if we're living in a way that is in line with what God would want us to do, we're going to have the trust of the Lord and we're going to be guided with what to do, and where we need to be we'll be there.

The next thing he talked about was getting rid of our list, you all know the one we made in Mia Maids and priesthood, all the things we want in a husband or wife. Which may at first sound awful, but I love this idea. We're all caught up in what we want out of someone else, nobody ever makes a list of all the things they want to be. We read the scripture in D&C 88:40 about intelligence cleaving to intelligence, we need to become the kind of person we want to marry.

So here's the new list: love's God, reads the scriptures, follows the prophet, goes to church, goes to the temple, respects people, prays daily, is ready to follow answers to prayer...that's it for now I'm sure there are more.

He also talked about the kind of revelation there is: the light switch, instant revelation; sunrise, you know the exact moment that it came; cloudy day, you don't know when but the light is there. I love this, most of the time I feel like mine is the cloudy day one. I don't know when I figured out what I need to do, but I can see the light and know.

This is a really gospel based post I guess, but I'm ok with that. :)

As far as life goes, it's pretty good...I'm working on some stuff, as seen in the list. I'm trying to live in a way that I'll know what ever happens, if I'm living in a way I need to, it's going to work. I just wish it would work sooner rather than later. haha I'm learning all sorts of things about patience. I'm also learning about telling people what I'm thinking, and not holding back, not sure if that's a good thing but it makes life a whole lot easier so far.

I really need to take more pictures...I'll work on that. Peace.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I don't know if this will work, but this isn't working.

Have you ever noticed that life always gets super complicated about things all at the same time? Weird how that works eh. And I think I've figured out the way to get it not complicated for a bit. Ok, so I've been wanting to do something crazy...learn something new...create something great. So drum roll please...*whatever the word equivalent of that sound would be*

I got a sewing machine!!! Hooray. So here's to making stuff, and having fun, and being super cool. haha

Also in recent news, I've been thinking about something called...I hate not knowing what to do/questioning everything you do/regretting things you do. I feel like if you're living the way you're supposed to and you're doing everything you can to be influenced by the spirit, you're going to be. I don't want to always wonder what I should have done, I want to feel like I'm doing what I should have done. So here's to that making good choices, and not being worried about what I'm doing if I already know what I need to do. Which is the plan always.

Sidenote, I love General Conference! It is the best thing ever!

Also another best thing ever, look at that little face - cutest baby ever I know.